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None Córdoba, Caliphate city

Welcome to the caliphate city. Cordoba is home to a plethora of cultural, historical and Andalusian elements. This city has preserved its historical character and combined it with a contemporary nature. You will be able to visit ancient, renowned monuments, including Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral. This monument is located in the historic centre near the river. The area surrounding it is also worth a visit as it is brimming with small bars and restaurants with delicious cuisine and a wide range of services. Cordoba's Jewish quarter has a huge range of services, a variety of narrow streets and explosions of colour in an area that has been home to thousands of people for many years.

Inside the Mosque-Cathedral, you will be transported back in time. The orange tree courtyard is the perfect place to rest while you enjoy the sound of water and birdsong. Another part of the city you simply must visit is Medina Azahara, which is a palatial city constructed by Abd-ar-Rahman III eight kilometres outside of Cordoba. It demonstrates the Arab influence of the time and enables you to better understand the age's architecture and grandiose nature.

Near the Mosque Cathedral, the street named Paseo de la Rivera has been recently renovated such that it now enables inhabitants and tourists to enjoy a pleasant walk along it and the chance to enjoy the region's gastronomy in any one of the numerous restaurants and bars available. The city's streets will blow you away with its scents of orange blossom and, in May, Cordoba's festivals begin with the Fair and Las Cruces.

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